Jet Tila takes on Iron Chef Morimoto

Wazuzu chef—and Weekly contributor—Jet Tila gives you a free lesson.
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Jet Tila—executive chef at Encore’s Wazuzu restaurant, traveling culinarian extraordinaire and Las Vegas Weekly contributor—steps into Kitchen Stadium for his turn at Food Network glory on Sunday night. That’s right, chef Jet is in for the food fight of his life on Iron Chef America.

You taped your episode of Iron Chef America over a year ago. Was it hard to wait for this broadcast?

It was ridiculously tough in the beginning, but it got easier. You sign a giganormous nondisclosure agreement and that helps, because you know if you slip, they could pull your show and sue the underwear off you!


Jet Tila’s Iron Chef America Viewing Party
August 7, 9 p.m.
Insert Coin(s), 512 Fremont St., 477-2525.

Is the experience as intense as it seems?

It’s super intimidating—knowing you are gonna bang with Morimoto, not knowing exactly what menu to make, the arena of Kitchen Stadium. It takes a lot of nerve to do the show.

Why did you choose to battle Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto?

I wanted the best, and he’s been an idol to me for many years. I wanted to kill a giant or be killed by one. No guts, no glory.

You’ve done quite a few TV appearances, but this seems like a big one. Is this some wildest dreams stuff?

I never thought I’d have one eighth of the blessings I have, so this is one giant dream come true. I’ve always set ridiculous goals and worked my ass off getting there, but I never think I’ll achieve them until I do.

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