Vintner Grill doesn’t want you to fear the cheese

Complimentary cheese tastings are now available at the Vintner Grill Monday through Friday evenings.
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You love cheese. But Matthew Silverman loves it more, and lucky for you, he likes to share.

Silverman, the executive chef at Vintner Grill, has launched a fun daily cheese tasting Monday through Friday evenings at the handsome Summerlin restaurant with the cool patio. Consider it the cheese-of-the-day spotlight. See, Silverman, who’s also executive chef at the Roadrunner Saloons and Agave, has been running one of the city’s best cheese programs at Vintner for years—there are 60-70 varieties rotating on the menu—and now he’s bringing out the extra special stuff for you to sample, for free.

Matthew Silverman, chef of the Vintner Grill.

The Details

Vintner Grill
10100 W. Charleston Blvd.
Cheese tasting Mon-Fri, 5-6 p.m.

Why’s he doing it? “It frustrates me when I go to a restaurant and they have the same standard, generic cheese plate. That’s why at Vintner we have it set up so you can customize it, order one, three or five selections, and mix and match,” he says. “This tasting is so we can build on that, featuring a new cheese every day, and it’s going to be stuff you can’t get anywhere else.” It started last week. Wednesday’s cheese was an amazing triple cream French blue, Saint Agur. Where most of these cheeses are dry and crumbly, this is moist and almost buttery, still with the rich, sharp flavor of blue. This is what the Vintner cheese experience is all about.

“If you realize how complicated it is to make this stuff, how long it takes and how many steps and elements go into making these products, it’s pretty unbelievable,” Silverman said. “This is about trying something new and different in a way that’s not intimidating.” Indeed, there’s no reason to fear the cheese.

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