Serendipity 3’s new breakfast menu has a theme: big and tasty

The portions at Serendipity 3 are huge, and you’ll be happy about it.
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If there’s one certainty after exploring Serendipity 3’s new breakfast menu, it’s that “conservative” is absent from Chef Michael Wolf’s vernacular. In keeping with Serendipity 3 tradition, his dishes go from gargantuan to Brobdingnagian … which isn’t a bad thing when the food’s this good.

Exhibit A: the fried eggs Benedict ($15), a crazy amalgamation of eggs Benedict and biscuits and gravy that’ll have you reaching for your Lipitor. The most remarkable aspect of the dish is the cornmeal-crusted poached egg, the result of dropping eggs into a cold-water bath just after cooking them, rolling them in cornmeal and then frying—an innovative twist that results in a tasty, semi-solid surprise.

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Serendipity 3
Caesars Palace, 731-7373.
Breakfast served daily, 8-11 a.m.

Exhibit B: the fried chicken and waffles ($20), essentially half a fried chicken laid atop waffles and served alongside what could be the Valley’s best breakfast potatoes. While the salty/sweet combination has become more readily available locally, Serendipity 3 offers bacon-filled waffles. Why? Why not?

Don’t miss the Frozen Hot Chocolate French Toast ($16), either. It’s oversized (of course), but not cloyingly sweet, and the sprinkling of pistachios provides a nice textural contrast. Equally memorable is the breakfast quesadilla ($15), chock full of bacon, eggs and those remarkable potatoes.

If the prices look high, consider that each dish could probably feed a family of four. Just proceed with caution when ordering, unless you’re looking to stock up on rations for the rest of the week.

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