Al Mancini and John Curtas get ‘All Forked Up’ on Travel Channel

Al Mancini, left, Max Jacobson and John Curtas hard at work figuring out the top 10 restaurants for the second edition of their book, ‘Eating Las Vegas’.
Photo: Bryan Adams

If you follow local food critics Al Mancini and John Curtas, you’ve probably noticed that they’ve been on the road a lot this fall. It’s not just because they love each other’s company; they’ve been shooting for All Forked Up, a new show slated to premiere on the Travel Channel in 2013.

The show follows Mancini and Curtas as they travel the country, eating too much and disagreeing about almost every bite. In each 30-minute episode, the duo hits a new city and competes to find a dish that truly reflects the town. The episode details haven’t been released yet, but judging by the pair’s Facebook posts, we’ll be watching them devour Seattle, LA and Philadelphia, among other places. Along the way, expect white suits (Curtas), a colorful Mohawk (Mancini) and plenty of lively (and perhaps tipsy) debate. For a preview of the insult-slinging and bombast, check out the vetoes section of the new edition of Eating Las Vegas: The 50 Essential Restaurants, authored by Mancini, Curtas and fellow Vegas critic Max Jacobson.

Of course, there are lots of other foodie shows on TV and lots of other shows with people bickering. But we’re betting that watching Mancini and Curtas duke it out on Forked will be fairly entertaining. At the very least, it’s gotta be better than Fortune Diggers, another new Travel Channel show about those guys you see at the park with metal detectors.

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