Three dishes our resident foodies are loving at the moment

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      Me Tots, Tasty Bunz, $5.50

      After a boozy night, a body craves heavy, salty crunch. Why go for chain fries when we’re so rich in original food-truck delicacies like Tasty Bunz Me Tots? Potato nuggets are smothered in fancy truffle sauce, bacon and onions, topped with a fried egg and cilantro. Even sober, you’ll make out with this dish. tastybunz.com, 768-6541. -Erin Ryan

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      Combination Molcajete, Los Molcajetes, $16

      It comes to the table bubbling, a hefty stone cauldron overflowing with chicken, beef, shrimp and nopal, all bathed in a rich red sauce. Each molcajete is easily enough for two, and eating it is like hunting for treasure--half an avocado here, a whole pepper there, a chunk of Mexican cheese stabbed with a cocktail umbrella. Scoop as much as you can handle into warm tortillas, then admit defeat and bring the leftovers home. 1553 N. Eastern Ave., 633-7595. - Sarah Feldberg

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      Uni and Tomato Cream Spaghetti, Trattoria Nakamura-Ya, $28.50

      This Chinatown joint serves a variety of innovative pastas with Japanese influences (including miso carbonara and a natto and gorgonzola spaghetti), but my favorite is the addictive uni and tomato cream spaghetti. The urchin brings a slight brininess to the tomato cream sauce, resulting in a symphony of land and sea. You’ll find yourself sopping up every last drop of sauce and wishing you had more. 5040 W. Spring Mountain Road, 251-0022. -Jim Begley.

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