Carla Pellegrino and cheftestants tackle Geoduck, crab on ‘Top Chef’ tonight

Carla Pellegrino, center, on Season 10 of Bravo’s “Top Chef.”
Carla Pellegrino, right, on Season 10 of Bravo's "Top Chef."

Carla Pellegrino, right, on Season 10 of Bravo's "Top Chef."

Carla Pellegrino, right, on Season 10 of Bravo's "Top Chef."

Carla Pellegrino, right, on Season 10 of Bravo's "Top Chef."

Hung Huynh prepares Geoduck - from YouTube.com

Feisty and fiery Las Vegas chef Carla Pellegrino (Meatball Spot in Town Square, Bratalian in Henderson) was among the 15 chefs who made it to Seattle for tonight’s second episode of Season 10 of Bravo’s “Top Chef.” Six cheftestants were eliminated in last week’s premiere in which Carla had to cook an omelet for chef Wolfgang Puck’s test in his Cut steakhouse in L.A.

The heat in the Seattle kitchen is cranked up right from the get-go. Carla doesn’t mince words counting down the clock for her team, but mercifully it’s her rival team that burns the chili oil.

Wait till you see the expression on the chef’s faces when they get to choose between Geoduck and Dungeness crabs in the other challenge of the night. First, though, they have to find the seafood in the markets of Seattle.

Geoduck is the largest burrowing clam in the world growing up to 3 feet in length and regarded in the Pacific Northwest and Asia as a delicacy, albeit unattractive and scary looking. Contrary to chef jokes on the program, it is not the extended penis of a duck, although it sure looks like it.

Seattle chef and restaurateur Tom Douglas joins chef Emeril Lagasse (Lagasse’s Stadium at the Palazzo), head judge Tom Colicchio (Craftsteak at MGM Grand), Gail Simmons and host Padma Lakshmi for the verdicts.

Here’s a YouTube video of when “Top Chef” Season 3 winner Hung Huynh, the executive sous chef at our Guy Savoy in Caesars Palace, prepared the giant clam on the show in 2007.

In a shocking conclusion, one turn of the famous Seattle Space needle determines who will go home tonight. We’ll be back with that result at Vegas DeLuxe on Thursday to see if the self-described loud Carla packs her knives or continues.

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