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Putting a Twist on foie gras

Roasted foie gras with raspberry-beet reduction, one-third of a new dish on the Twist’s spring menu.
Photo: Mona Shield Payne

Pierre Gagnaire’s sleek dining room overlooking CityCenter changes its entire menu four times a year. The French master works closely with his protégé, chef de cuisine Ryuki Kawasaki, to craft ingredient-driven dishes that are never duplicated at the restaurant. “It’s a great chance for chef Gagnaire to experiment with his style,” Kawasaki says. “I will usually propose dishes for the seasonal menu and we discuss, and he’ll make changes and introduce new ideas depending on where he’s coming from.”

The recently launched spring menu includes a trio of foie gras preparations: a terrine with port-soaked apricot, a croquette with black truffle coulis, and this roasted foie with raspberry and red beet reduction.

Twist. Mandarin Oriental, 888-881-9367. Tuesday-Thursday, 6-10 p.m.; Friday & Saturday, 6-10:30 p.m.

    • Raspberry

      Kawasaki doesn’t cook down the berries, preferring to maintain the fresh, tart taste for the reduction. The way it plays against the rich foie is perfection.

    • Red beet

      The earthy flavor shines through when fresh beet juice is blended with raspberry, put through a chinois and finished with white balsamic vinegar.

    • Baby spinach

      These leafy greens wilt slightly when blended with lemon juice, some fat from the foie gras and daikon radish for a nicely balanced salad.

    • Foie gras

      The fatty duck liver is seared quickly and seasoned with only salt and pepper. A bite with raspberry creates a PB&J-like effect.

    • Daikon radish

      Thin shreds of this crisp root veggie add some crunch.

    • More raspberry

      Kawasaki freezes and breaks these berries for a sweet, colorful garnish.

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