Snacking on the Strip: Casino Royale’s $1.99 foot-long hot dog

Casino Royale’s food court is serving up some of the cheapest eats on the Strip.

There’s not enough cheap, quick food on the Strip, and it’s kind of annoying. It makes sense; we all know those big casinos want you to come inside for a potentially spendy bite and beverage. Perhaps upcoming projects like the Linq and MGM’s park will help solve this problem, but it just seems natural that those millions of Las Vegas Boulevard pedestrians should be able to hit a taco stand every hundred feet or so. How is there not a hot dog vendor in front of our faux Statue of Liberty?

It doesn't look like much, but it's pretty tasty. And come on, it's $1.99.

Until this correction is made, there’s the Casino Royale. You may not be aware it exists. It does, and it’s smack in the middle of the Strip, across from the Mirage. It’s a small casino, and it has exactly the kind of dining options you’d expect: Denny’s, Outback, Subway, Ben & Jerry’s, Cinnabon … you get it. If you saw a sign outside this place advertising a $1.99 foot-long hot dog, you’d probably ignore it. Should you?

Let’s give it a shot. What’s the worst that could happen? We’re out $2.15 (don’t forget tax).

Turns out it’s a decent dog, a National Deli-brand all-beef frank that may remind you of the last hot dog you had at a baseball game. It’s a standard hot dog thickness, somewhat dwarfed by an unnecessarily large bun, but that bun is surprisingly pleasant and chewy. Squirt as much mustard and ketchup as you need, unless you’re a high roller and want to add chili, cheese or sauerkraut (89 cents each).

Is this as good as it gets for two bucks? Maybe, and maybe there’s still hope for street food on the Strip.

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