The Golden Age of Vegas Dining: Spring Mountain Road

Robatayaki skewers at Raku.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas

There’s never been a better time to eat Las Vegas. As the Strip and the city around it have evolved, so has the Valley’s sprawling dining scene. From eat-your-way-through neighborhoods to groundbreaking restaurants, these 10 reasons are a right-now snapshot of why today truly is the Golden Age of Las Vegas dining.

5. Spring Mountain Road

The 4-mile stretch of Spring Mountain Road from Rainbow Boulevard to the Strip is the epicenter of the local Vegas food scene, where hungry explorers and industry movers and shakers go to meet, eat, drink and find inspiration. Our Chinatown district—really more of a diverse Asiatown—has far too much shockingly affordable deliciousness to list, but here are 50 restaurants, markets, sweets shops and cafés you should not miss. Let us know once you’ve hit them all.

From west to east:

Greenland Supermarket 6850 Spring Mountain Road, 459-7878. Market.

Wendy’s Noodle Cafe 3401 S. Jones Blvd., 889-3288. Chinese.

168 Market 3459 S. Jones Blvd., 363-5168. Market.

There's soup in there! China MaMa's dumplings are a requisite for any Chinatown exploration.

China Mama 3420 S. Jones Blvd., 873-1977. Chinese. Still the Valley’s favorite spot for hot and juicy soup dumplings.

Asian BBQ & Noodles 3400 S. Jones Blvd., 202-3636. Chinese.

Chada Thai & Wine 3400 S. Jones Blvd., 641-1345. Thai.

HK Star 3400 S. Jones Blvd., 220-3388, Chinese.

Shaanxi Gourmet 3400 S. Jones Blvd., 586-3311. Chinese.

KJ Kitchen 5960 Spring Mountain Road, 221-0456. Chinese.

Roma Deli 5755 Spring Mountain Road, 871-5577. Italian.

Pho Saigon 8 5650 Spring Mountain Road, 248-6663. Vietnamese.

Proceed with caution, J&J Szechuan Cuisine serves it spicy.

J&J Szechuan Cuisine 5700 Spring Mountain Road, 876-5983. Chinese. Spicy specialists of regional cuisine, from incendiary red braised beef with noodles to fiery delicacies like chicken gizzard and heart with hot peppers.

Cafe de Japon 5300 Spring Mountain, 839-8688. Japanese.

Rincon de Buenos Aires 5300 Spring Mountain Road, 257-3331. Argentinean. Not all great eats on Spring Mountain are Asian. Check out the massive, meaty sandwiches at this Latin deli.

Cathay House 5300 Spring Mountain Road, 876-3838. Chinese.

Hue Thai 5115 Spring Mountain Road, 943-8872. Vietnamese.

Kaba Curry 5115 Spring Mountain Road, 589-0370. Japanese. After building a following on Charleston Boulevard, this stylish curry house has found its proper home in the foodiest of neighborhoods.

1900 Asian Cuisine 5115 Spring Mountain Road, 998-8989. Chinese.

Veggie House 5115 Spring Mountain Road, 431-5802. Chinese. Just because you’re a vegetarian doesn’t mean you don’t deserve excellent Chinese food. Here’s your spot, meatless ones.

Shuseki 5115 Spring Mountain Road, 222-2321. Japanese. From sushi to fried chicken to ramen to whatever, Shuseki, one of our favorite local izakayas, has something for everyone.

Gone Fishing: Shuseki's chirashi mixed sushi bowl is a seafood lover's dream.

SF Supermarket 5115 Spring Mountain Road, 876-0088. Market.

Kabuto 5040 Spring Mountain Road, 676-1044. Japanese.

Sweets Raku 5040 Spring Mountain Road, 290-7181. Sweets. Pristine masterpieces of dessert in a space-age setting? No problem.

Trattoria Nakamura-Ya 5040 Spring Mountain Road, 251-0022. Japanese/Italian.

Monta 5030 Spring Mountain Road, 367-4600. Japanese.

Raku 5030 Spring Mountain Road, 367-3511. Japanese. The game changer. Chef Mitsuo Endo ignited a Japanese food revolution with this much-revered jewel.

Curry Zen 5020 Spring Mountain Road, 985-1192. Japanese.

Booming Spot Mini Pot 3466 S. Decatur Blvd., 294-0008. Chinese.

Pho So 1 4745 Spring Mountain Road, 252-3934. Vietnamese.

Hot N Juicy Crawfish

Hot N Juicy Crawfish 4810 Spring Mountain Road, 891-8889. Seafood. This simple, sometimes spicy seafood house has expanded all over after getting its start in Las Vegas.

Honey Pig 4725 Spring Mountain Road, 876-0711. Korean.

Ronald’s Donuts 4600 Spring Mountain Road, 873-1032. Sweets.

Ramen Sora 4490 Spring Mountain Road, 685-1011. Japanese. Chinatown is ground zero for the ramen explosion that has enveloped the entire Valley, and this Sapporo-style soup is one of the best.

Ichiza 4355 Spring Mountain Road, 367-3151. Japanese.

Crown Bakery 4355 Spring Mountain Road, 873-9805. Sweets.

Tea Station 4355 Spring Mountain Road, 889-9989. Sweets.

#1 Boba Tea 4255 Spring Mountain Road, 364-4724. Sweets.

Mother’s Korean Grill 4215 Spring Mountain Road, 579-4745. Korean.

Sam Woo BBQ 4215 Spring Mountain Road, 368-7628. Chinese.

Fresh seafood at 99 Ranch Market.

Fresh seafood at 99 Ranch Market.

Mr. Sandwich 4215 Spring Mountain Road, 838-2888. Vietnamese.

99 Ranch Market 4155 Spring Mountain, 364-8899. Market. The famed LA Asian market was the foundation for Las Vegas’ original Chinatown Plaza and is still a go-to spot for restaurateurs looking for special ingredients.

Yu Yu 4115 Spring Mountain Road, 220-4223. Japanese.

Pho Kim Long 4029 Spring Mountain Road, 220-3613. Vietnamese.

Get your banh mi fix at Lee's sandwich shop.

Lee’s Sandwiches 3989 Spring Mountain Road, 331-9999. Vietnamese.

Tofu Hut 3920 Spring Mountain Road, 257-0072. Korean.

Yunnan Garden 3934 Schiff Drive, 869-8885. Chinese.

Kung Fu 3505 S. Valley View Blvd., 247-4120. Thai.

Pho Little Saigon 3775 Spring Mountain Road, 221-2111. Vietnamese.

Honeydew flavor snow cream at Kuma Snow Cream.

Kuma Snow Cream 3735 Spring Mountain Road, 816-5862. Sweets. Jet Tila became the first celebrity chef to land in Las Vegas Chinatown when he opened this unique frozen dessert concept this summer.

Pho Bosa 3355 Spring Mountain Road, 418-1931. Vietnamese. Great pho, sure, but everyone has that. Bosa also offers killer broken rice combo plates stocked with various meats and goodies.

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