The wild world of live lobster at Lakeside

Many Lakeside diners are trying out the Scottish Blue lobster, an ultra-sweet cold-water treat.
Photo: Adam Shane

Often overlooked as merely a seafood-oriented counterpart to Wynn’s opulent SW Steakhouse, Lakeside is a beautiful, modern restaurant with a fresh menu and one particularly sweet feature that no other Strip dining room offers. On any given night you might find four or five different types of live lobster available, treasures from exotic seas displayed on a roving cart so diners can choose their own culinary adventure.

“People have really taken to this, and it has definitely become a key to our restaurant,” executive chef David Walzog says. “Lots of people think a lobster is a lobster is a lobster, but it’s not true at all. They each have their own distinctive characteristics, texturally and flavor-wise.” Since different species are available in different volumes at different times, prices vary.

Making the experience more unique is Lakeside’s preparation. Chef Rene Lenger engineers a cooking process that keeps the lobster meat in the shell—steamed, oven-roasted or both—in order to preserve natural juices and flavors. Whether you’re sharing a gigantic Maine lobster or sampling a Scottish Blue, you can opt for simple preparation or the addition of a zesty red chili rub. Butter options include plain drawn, yuzu-basil or spicy harissa.

Lakeside’s lobster-laced side dishes are killer, too. Try the lobster mac and cheese with roasted poblanos and smoked bacon, or lobster poutine with crispy potatoes and mozzarella.

Lakeside Wynn, 248-3463. Daily, 5:30-10:30 p.m.

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      Australian Rock

      These frightful-looking monsters can get up around seven pounds, and boast an earthier flavor; try this one with the chili rub for a spicy, funky, memorable meal.

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      California Rock

      Musky but mellow, these creatures dwell in warmer waters, creating sweet meat with a bit more bite to it.

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      Scottish Blue

      These cold-water treats are becoming the most popular lobsters at Lakeside, maybe because they’re so consistently tender, with a dominantly pure sea flavor.

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      Lakeside sells at least a dozen of these perennial favorites every night, known for delicate texture, briny flavors and super-sweet morsels from the huge claws.

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