Deliciousness awaits inside JoJo’s ‘nut sack’

The ranch flavor inside this sack is legit, and it’s a local creation.
Photo: Erin Ryan

Known for its jerky (beef, turkey, cactus!), local snack maker JoJo’s also offers a line of inventively flavored roasted nuts (peanuts, almonds, pistachios!). I know because I wandered into the Container Park storefront this past weekend, where sampling is encouraged.

First I tried the Caribbean peanut, its subtle sweetness fading into Triple Threat’s savory heat. One was a bit too mild and the other too intense, so I went for classic Ranch. I assumed it would be in the Doritos vein, artificial yet addicting. But JoJo’s flavors its morsels with an all-natural dry rub of onion and green onion, garlic, salt, black pepper, white vinegar, dill, chives, parsley and “lots of love.” It has the essence of legit ranch dressing made from scratch, with the bite of herbs and the creamy tang of buttermilk without a trace of it. And the peanuts themselves, fat and silky, are the perfect vessel.

At $3, the 5-ounce “nut sacks” are definitely worth the price (plus, we so rarely have a chance to mention such things in polite conversation). So abandon that sad can of mass-produced and chemically flavored mixed nuts at your nearest chain grocer and return the love that JoJo’s sprinkles in every sack.

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