The fabulous fries of the Las Vegas Strip

If you want a great order of French fries, Las Vegas has bountiful options. You can visit your favorite burger joint, or find beautiful renditions of the original dish at a classic bistro like Mon Ami Gabi or Bouchon. But if you prefer potatoes taken to another level, check out these crispy creations, straight from the Strip.

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      Mole fries at China Poblano

      Officially, they’re papas fritas with mole poblano, Mexican crema and queso fresco. But let’s keep things simple and call them mole fries, though no name could do justice to the roundly balanced flavors and textures in each bite. If only fast-food joints could craft fries this perfect, crispy outside and fluffy inside, splashed with rich, slightly sweet and nutty mole sauce with bright, salty notes from soft, crumbly cheese. $7, Cosmopolitan, 698-7000. –BR

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      Huevos estrellados at Julian Serrano

      Hand-cut fries are the best fries, but even they can be improved upon. Julian Serrano’s huevos estrellados at his eponymous Aria restaurant are proof, sautéed with house-made chorizo and topped with over-easy eggs. Unleash the Kraken and break the gooey yolks, allowing them to commingle with the thin and crispy fries for a broad swath of flavor. $11, Aria, 877-230-2742. –JB

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      Lobster poutine at Lakeside

      Lakeside deconstructs then reconstructs its fries, mixing grated roasted potatoes with butter, onions, garlic, parsley, salt and pepper before pressing the spuds into rectangles and deep-frying to achieve crunchy bliss. Top them with sweet chunks of poached Maine lobster, melted mozzarella cheese and rich Béchamel sauce, and you’ve got a truly decadent order of spuds. $14, Wynn, 248-3463. –BR

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