Three spots for crazy, creative ice cream sandwiches

Don’t wait until summer to savor these cool flavors.
Jason Harris, Brock Radke

Sugar Factory is best known for celebrity-endorsed lollipops, but its Strip headquarters recently launched an ice cream and sorbet sandwich bar stocked with fully customizable treats. Use nine different cookies or even brownies to build your own masterpiece, but you’ll need some seriously sweet strategy to outdo the Fortune Cookie Sandwich, scoops of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry huddled in a flaky, waffle-ish cookie shell. No fortune is necessary to predict your happy, satisfied future with this cool creation. Paris, 331-5100. –Brock Radke

Sweet Addiction riffs on a classic with a scoop of Thrifty ice cream in the middle of two homemade cookies. Perhaps the most famous version of this process is in LA, where the Coolhaus ice cream truck became so popular it opened brick-and-mortar shops offering the same delicacies. While you won’t find chicken and waffle ice cream or red velvet ice cream at Sweet Addiction, the local shop does offer a nice variety. Thrifty has a cult-like following, and putting a scoop of black cherry between two cookies (M&M’s! Mint chocolate chips!!) is a winner. 5165 S. Fort Apache Road #160, 570-6993; 2291 N. Green Valley Parkway #C1, 547-9244. –Jason Harris

Art of Flavors serves the most creative ice cream sandwiches I’ve ever tasted—gelato and some delicious house-made spreads stuffed inside a kaiser roll and pressed panini-style. What you’re left with is a unique and yummy offering that will keep you coming back for more … so it’s a good thing there are at least five choices. The AOF sandwich uses fior di latte gelato (sweet cream), Nutella spread and hazelnuts. The Lombardo hits the sweet and savory spots with Gorgonzola gelato, pear chutney and walnuts. The bread gets hot, but the gelato stays cold. It’s like an extravagant waffle crossed with an ice cream sandwich, and it’s served with homemade hot chocolate. Don’t miss this! 1616 Las Vegas Blvd. S. #130, 676-1027. –JH

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