No abuse, just tasty char dogs and burgers at the Vegas Wiener’s Circles

The classic Wiener’s Circle char-dog has made its way from Chicago to Las Vegas.
Photo: Sam Morris

So the Chicago transplant Wiener’s Circle has arrived at Red Rock Resort, and before I give you my first impressions, Google “Wiener’s Circle Conan” for eight minutes of the funniest TV you’ll ever see. Don’t worry. I’ll wait.

Our Wiener’s Circle is nothing like the one you just saw. Both have char dogs and burgers, but let’s face it—people visit the original to be verbally berated, and you’re not going to find a real “chocolate shake” (you can Google that one, too) at the one in Las Vegas.

What you will find is a menu that deviates from the original but still delivers. The main attraction is the char dog ($5), but even better are the burgers ($6), which live up to their name and deliver optimal char, effectively outshining the dogs. Pair one with a heaping order of addictive cheddar fries ($5) doused in radioactively bright cheese sauce. Wieners in a blanket ($5) offer an outstanding upgrade on the cocktail party favorite, and crisp chicken fingers ($7) are also a success. Neither of these dishes is available at the Lincoln Park original, but maybe they should be.

Ultimately I’m a purist, so without the threat of verbal assault, they probably should’ve just opened a Portillo’s instead. But this tasty departure from the original is certainly a welcome addition to the Summerlin dining scene. Rumors swirl regarding additional Valley locations outside of Station Casinos, and one can only hope Wiener’s Circle finds a gritty spot where we can get our masochistic swing on.

Wiener's Circle Red Rock Resort, 702-823-4700. Daily, 9 a.m.-11 p.m.

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