Surprising snackage at the new Bunkhouse Saloon

Bunkhouse Saloon chef Robert Henderson.
Photo: Mona Shield Payne

What’s with the new Bunkhouse menu? Not a burger, wing or pizza slice in sight … pretty weird for a music venue-slash-bar. But the Bunkhouse team and chef Robert Henderson—formerly of west-side favorite Herbs & Rye—knew what they were doing with this bar-food renovation. There are sandwiches and salads, sure, but it’s the snack section that really has us rocking.

Bunkhouse Saloon 124 S. 11th St., 702-854-1414. Sunday-Thursday, 5 p.m.-midnight; Friday & Saturday, 5 p.m.-2 a.m.

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      Mac & Cheese w/Sloppy

      That’s sloppy as in Joe, and the new Bunkhouse serves it all over the place—sandwich or slider-style, on fries or chips, and yes, dolloped onto this childhood favorite. It’ll remind you of lasagna, without the full-plate commitment. ($9)

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      Grits N’ Gravy

      Yeah, it sounds gooey and gross, but it’s our favorite thing on the menu and one of our favorite munchies anywhere Downtown. The grits are shaped into cubes and deep-fried, then served up alongside a gravy you’ll want to drink when there’s nothing left to dip. Go ahead, no one’s looking. ($5)

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      BBQ Broccoli

      The strangest-sounding item on the list is even stranger in person, so fluffy, dough-covered and sweet-barbecue-sauce-doused you’ll swear there’s no veggie involved—until you slice one in half and scope out the greenness with your very own eyes. ($5)

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      Cornbread w/Pepper Jelly

      Sounds boring, right? Except it’s not, at all. The cornbread is lighter and way more addictive than cornbread has a right to be, and the pour-over-the-top sauce is more syrup than jelly, in the best way possible. ($5)

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