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El Dorado Cantina is too deliciously diverse to be overlooked

Traditional Mexico City-style cuisine available around the clock in a theatrical location next door to one of Las Vegas’ most popular gentleman’s clubs—that’s the obvious story behind El Dorado Cantina. But the most unique thing about this restaurant is not its quirky decor or location, it’s the food—innovative twists on authentic flavors and a serious dedication to high-quality, sustainable and healthy ingredients. Eat this menu and taste for yourself.

El Dorado Cantina 3025 S. Industrial Road, 702-722-2289. 24/7.

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      Imperial shrimp Wild shrimp are stuffed—over-stuffed, actually—with crab and fish, wrapped in bacon and lightly fried for a shockingly non-greasy, crisp and delicate bite. Dip them in chipotle ranch dressing to add to the addiction. ($15)

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      Gorditas Why snack on sliders when you can devour these crispy corn masa pockets stuffed with chicken or steak, pico de gallo, fresh guac and queso fresco? Three of these delectable little sandwiches for eight bucks feels like stealing. ($8)

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      Cedar chipotle salmon You’ll feel great knowing you’re eating beautifully grilled, wild-caught Norwegian salmon alongside fresh-cut vegetables and fluffy cilantro rice, but you’ll feel even better when you taste this fish with the perfectly spicy-smoky-sweet chipotle honey mustard sauce. ($26.50)

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      Carne asada This is a mountainous platter of food—tender, juicy slabs of citrus-marinated, grass-fed California beef, roasted vegetables including jalapeños and cactus, guacamole, rice and beans, even a bit of house-made spicy chorizo. This is a meaty and memorable feast. ($26)

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      Huevos Divorciados Yes, El Dorado does breakfast, too—don’t forget, it’s always open, and it’s always serving breakfast to suit your schedule. Two fried eggs over corn tortillas with beans, avocado and cheese will hit the spot at any hour, and the bright, spicy tomatillo sauce will wake up your taste buds. ($14.50)

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