Eis Cream Cafe’s sandwiches stand out

If you can find a better ice cream cookie sandwich, let us know.
Photo: Mikayla Whitmore
Jason Harris

There’s no shortage of ice cream cookie sandwiches in town, but most of them can’t touch the quality at Eis Cream Cafe. This mom-and-pop shop is owned by occupational therapist Alexis Gonzaga, who aims to make people happy at both jobs. We’ve all used ice cream as therapy at one point or another, right?

The ice cream is excellent, imported from Northern California’s Treat creamery, the same place Gonzaga got her scoops growing up. Flavors like marble black raspberry, peach cobbler and burgundy cherry have deliciously large chunks of their namesake fruits. Ube (taro), macapuno (young coconut) and mango feature produce flown in from the Philippines.

The cookies are sizable, and you’ll see them coming out of the oven regularly. There are always a few choices, but I like to stick with chocolate chip or peanut butter cup. The place offers plenty of non-fruit flavors, but the fruity ice cream tastes so fresh and counters the inherent sweetness of both the cookie and the ice cream base. Get some sprinkles rolled on the outside and you’ll feel like a kid again, which is exactly how a neighborhood ice cream parlor is supposed to make you feel.

Eis Cream Cafe 9711 S. Eastern Ave., 702-270-2191. Monday-Thursday, noon-8 p.m.; Friday-Sunday, noon-10 p.m.

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