Garnachas Mexican Street Food brings the good stuff

Kick up your sandwich game with the Garnachas pambazo.
Photo: Christopher DeVargas
Greg Thilmont

I recently noticed some whimsical signage on a nondescript building at Valley View and Sirius featuring a yellow bull and the name Garnachas. Inside I found a clean, brightly painted, colorfully decorated, mom-and-pop eatery.

First, I tried a satisfying bowl of pozole ($8), filled with plenty of pork hunks and hominy grains in delicate broth. On the side, I tried a taco al pastor ($2.50), featuring crispy pig meat and a slice of pineapple as garnish.

I’ve been back for the pambazo ($9), a sandwich built with extremely soft, fine-floured bread—almost similar in texture to a Chinese bao dumpling—soaked in guajillo pepper sauce, griddled and stuffed with chorizo, potatoes, heaps of shredded lettuce and fresh cotija cheese. You’ll need a fork for this squishy but not soggy torpedo.

In my growing handful of visits, I’ve also had a tostada ($3) piled liberally with rich, chipotle-flavored chicken tinga. Next up, I’ve got my eye on the huarache with beef ($6) and the daily guisado ($8), impromptu chef’s choice stews that can contain anything from albondigas (meatballs) to pulled pork.

Garnachas Mexican Street Food 3111 S. Valley View Blvd., 702-272-0267. Daily, 10 a.m.-10 p.m.

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  • Executive Chef Jainine Jaffer loves creating imaginative off-menu specials like paneer poutine and rooh afsza (rose syrup) tiramisu.

  • Berenjenas is one of the most distinct dishes at the restaurant—breaded golden baby eggplant served with chili-infused honey.

  • If you want to bring in the big-spending Asian clientele, you have to create an elegant experience and serve all the classics.

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