Eat then party: Lavo’s brunch is too good to be overwhelmed by daylife

Lavo’s lemon ricotta waffles.
Photo: Mikayla Whitmore

It’s Halloween weekend in Vegas. Bartenders are dressed as Power Rangers or schoolgirls with questionable motives. Scantily clad angels and devils are popping bottles as the party is about to begin. By the way, this is brunch.

Lavo’s Saturday “party brunch” returned a few weeks ago, one of the rare Vegas club-style day parties that doesn’t involve a swimming pool. Things can get pretty turnt in here, but the normally Italian restaurant just off the Palazzo’s lobby also dishes up a fabulous brunch menu that can’t be overlooked by the non-clubbing crowd. And if you brunch early on Saturday (before 2 p.m.) or decide on a Sunday date instead, you’ll benefit from an expanded menu offering plenty of items not available during the party.

Those who sway toward sweet stuff can opt for white polenta pancakes with Nutella butter and hazelnut crunch ($17), lemon ricotta waffles with glazed apples ($19) or almond-crusted French toast with fresh berries and bananas ($19). Traditional brunch fans can go nuts on eggs Benedict or a fried egg sandwich with bacon, sausage and cheese ($19). Before you even get into your main selection, there are raw seafood platters to share, or more lunch-oriented entrées like Lavo’s bacon cheeseburger ($26) or eggplant, chicken or veal parm ($20-$29).

If you’re all about the food and don’t care about the party, bonus dishes include breakfast mac and cheese ($15) with fried eggs and pancetta; lobster Benedict with Champagne Hollandaise sauce ($38); a solid rendition of fried chicken and waffles with bourbon maple syrup ($22); and the fun “back to school” special ($18)—a grilled truffled cheese and bacon sandwich with Calabrian tomato soup. It’s a fall delight, but we’re not sure how well it goes with Champagne.

Lavo Palazzo, 702-791-1800. Brunch, Saturday and Sunday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; Party Brunch, Saturday, 2-6 p.m.

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