Momenti’s infused sweet treats are spreading fast

Momenti’s rich, tart Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet.
Photo: Pearson Images

You’re on the couch binge-watching Orange Is the New Black, plowing into a pint of frozen deliciousness. Now imagine your evening with the addition of booze ... infused into your ice cream.

Momenti Spirited Ice Creams, a family-owned and operated business founded in 2013, can satiate those cravings with five flavors of boozy bliss ranging from 3.5 to 5.2 ABV per 8-ounce serving.

Each small batch is made with all-natural and organic ingredients. There’s Chocotini Chip, combining dark chocolate and cacao chips with vodka. Vanilla Vodka Cookies & Cream transforms your nostalgic childhood ice cream into an adult delight. With the highest ABV, White Russian Pecan takes the classic butter pecan flavor and adds vodka and coffee cream liqueur.

Limoncello Sorbet is a perfect summer refreshment. And Blackberry Cabernet Sorbet is suited for both wine and dessert lovers with its rich, tart flavor.

The family bonds behind the business are just as interesting as Momenti’s intoxicating flavors. Founder Leif Pearson runs the company with his father and mother, Niels and Gloria, and his sister, Nikki. “What’s amazing to me is getting to see [Leif] be creative in what he does best, inventing all of these ice creams and running a very sophisticated ice cream plant that’s state-of-the-art,” Niels says proudly. That specialty manufacturing plant—the first of its kind in the U.S., which opened locally in May—allows the Pearsons to create 185 gallons of ice cream per hour through a process that freezes and infuses the dessert with wine and spirits.

Momenti has quickly expanded from being served solely at Palms Place Pool and the adjacent Café 6 to gaining distribution through retail outlets across the Valley (priced starting at $6). Despite their international goals, the Pearsons are currently focused on Nevada and California. Momenti will be featured at the Kaaboo music festival in Del Mar September 16-18.; that same weekend, new flavor Evocation Sorbet will debut at Crafthaus’ two-year anniversary event. Other flavors are set to debut in the fall, including seasonal favorites like eggnog and rum raisin, along with a new line of wine-focused selections.

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