Taco time: fun and bomb edition

Arrive at Bomb Tacos as hungry as possible.

If you’re selling tacos, throw up a sign that reads “tacos,” and I’ll be there. Not “taco,” because I don’t want one taco. If you want to add an arrow pointing to the exact spot where I can get tacos, that’ll help, but you don’t need to come up with a crazy name for your taco shop. Again: “Tacos” is enough.

Two new-ish local restaurants have decided to go the extra mile in attempting to attract us. In my world, “fun” is practically the same word as “tacos,” and yet we have Fun Tacos (2330 S. Rainbow Blvd., 702-525-8226) replacing a former Hawaiian-themed taco shop. They might be more into breakfast and churros than tacos, but there are lots of tacos, most of which are fun. On Tuesdays and Fridays, fish tacos cost $2 each, and chicken tacos in hard or soft shells are $1.29 on Wednesdays. That’s fun, but I’d stick to soft tacos, because the crunchy shells are strangely thin and kind of explode when you bite them. Street tacos ($2.29) of al pastor or carne asada are a solid choice.

Farther out west, the equally colorful, more aggressively named Bomb Tacos (3655 S. Durango Drive #27, 702-262-0141) offers many different kinds of tacos, and you pretty much need to try them all. See if you can do it in one sitting; that would be bomb. The carnitas ($2.75) is packed with plump pork, the beef brisket ($3) comes crispy, the shrimp diablo ($3.25) is spicy and smoky and the gueros ($3.25) feature carne asada, cabbage and cheese wrapped in flour tortillas. Would you say Bomb Tacos has explosive flavors? You would.

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  • Executive Chef Jainine Jaffer loves creating imaginative off-menu specials like paneer poutine and rooh afsza (rose syrup) tiramisu.

  • Berenjenas is one of the most distinct dishes at the restaurant—breaded golden baby eggplant served with chili-infused honey.

  • If you want to bring in the big-spending Asian clientele, you have to create an elegant experience and serve all the classics.

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