House of Manchester delivers unique Jamaican flavors

House of Manchester Caribbean Grill’s jerk pork ribs.
Photo: Mikayla Whitmore

Pass the tow yard and auto parts shop and seek this place out. House of Manchester Caribbean Grill is one of those spots you need to discover.

Good island food in Las Vegas seems plentiful, but here they’re doing everything they can organically, and what isn’t organic is at least all-natural. Chef Mickel Sutherland, a product of Jamaica, brings big flavors to all of his dishes, as those who ate at his former food truck, Blue Mahoe Jamaican Barbecue, can attest.

Start with the vegan ackee patty pastry ($4.95). You won’t miss the meat. Ackee is a fruit related to lychee and longan, but here it fits into the savory patty beautifully. Jerk chicken wings ($11.95) are addictive. There’s powerful heat in the dry rub, and the bird is full of smokiness. If there’s a better version in the city, I haven’t had it. For those looking for milder fowl, the stewed curry chicken meal ($10.95) is a winner, with the creamy curry soaking into the accompanying rice.

Meals come with two sides, like chilled cabbage and carrots and sweet plantains fried in coconut oil. Don’t miss the organic vegan vegetable rundown ($11.95), a Jamaican stew that has coconut cream heated to the point where it “runs down” into the other ingredients, assorted veggies like sweet potato and carrots along with vegan dumplings. It’s a truly unique dish.

That describes much of the food at House of Manchester. Seriously, go find it.

House of Manchester Caribbean Grill 2256 Losee Road #E, 702-900-4466. Sunday-Friday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

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