Henderson’s Bibim Kitchen specializes in Korean bibimbap

Spicy pork bulgogi with egg.
Photo: Mikayla Whitmore

I make fun of Chipotle as much as the next guy, but it deserves credit for reinventing fast-casual dining. Picking your ingredients, building your own meal and having it assembled in front of you has definitely taken off.

Last year, it was the sushi burrito/bowl that broke through and became the next step in this trend. So, it’s only natural that other types of cuisine are experimenting with the format. Take Bibim Kitchen, the first fast-casual eatery in Henderson specializing in Korean bowls, namely bibimbap.

Bibimbap is one of the great dishes of South Korea. Served in a hot stone bowl, a mixture of rice, vegetables, protein and (often) a fried egg commingle and continue to cook as you eat. The idea is to get a bit of everything in one bite and then, at the bottom of the bowl, finish it off with crunchy rice, courtesy of the hot stone.

Bibim Kitchen diners have a choice of a classic rice bowl ($8.95) or a hot stone bowl ($11.95). Choose between white or purple rice (the latter’s actually a mixture of black, brown and white rice), then pick a protein. Beef bulgogi is traditional, but organic tofu makes for a natural fit with an array of veggies that includes everything from spinach and corn to kimchi and shiitake mushrooms.

Finish things off with sauces like sriracha mayo or a sweet and spicy spin on the red chili paste gochujang and add toppers like fried egg or sesame seeds. With worthy flavors and convenient presentation, Bibim Kitchen takes the next step in local fast-casual evolution.

BIBIM KITCHEN 10345 S. Eastern Ave. #110, 702-909-4322. Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-9 p.m.

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