JottShots brings gel shots from the kitchen to the menu

Dorian Levy, the man behind JottShots.

Alcohol-infused Jello shots might be associated with college frat houses, but Dorian Levy recognized them for the unique vibe they added to his parties. “There are a lot of drinks that can get you drunk, but none that are more fun than a gel shot.” says Levy, a former New York City investment banker. So unlike other hosts serving the usual mix of beer, wine and spirits, Levy would spend hours cooking up his shots.

Gel shots also had their downside. They’re time-consuming to make and messy to consume. Levy realized gel shots were just begging to be improved upon. He wanted to skip the hassle and buy pre-made ready-to-drink gel shots, but he couldn’t find any in stores. “It seemed silly that it wasn’t readily available,” Levy says. He saw an opportunity and JottShots was born. Levy left the world of New York finance for Las Vegas, which he describes as “the unrivaled capital for adult fun. There’s no better place than Las Vegas for JottShots,” he says.

After four and a half years of research and development, Levy found that by using plant-based gums, his gel shots would be vegan as well as shelf-stable. Even better, a proprietary push-cup mechanism allows for elegant consumption.

JottShots come in four flavors—mojito, cherry, berry and lemondrop—and have already infiltrated the Vegas scene. They’re being served at the Four Seasons pool, the Venetian/Palazzo and Lagasse’s Stadium, and being sold at Lee’s Discount Liquor and Total Wine.

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