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Cousins Maine Lobster plants roots inside two local supermarkets

Their trucks cover nearly 20 cities and regions (they’ve had one in Las Vegas since 2015).
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Cousins Maine Lobster Inside Smith's

My girlfriend and I once pursued the Cousins Maine Lobster truck through LA. We first encountered an empty parking space (“Whoops, this was the Friday location”), and we finally cornered them in Glendale, where we got his-and-hers fresh lobster rolls: Connecticut style, served warm with butter and lemon; and Maine style, served cool on a roll lightly spread with mayonnaise. Both were well worth the chase.

Cousins, founded in 2012 by real-life cousins (and Shark Tank investees) Jim Tselikis and Sabin Lomac, is the very definition of an overnight success: Their trucks cover nearly 20 cities and regions (they’ve had one in Las Vegas since 2015), and they operate an increasing number of fast-casual restaurant franchises in locations from Atlanta to Taiwan. Now, they’re popping up in an unexpected place: Inside two local Smith’s supermarkets, at 8525 W. Warm Springs and 9710 Skye Canyon Park Drive.

“We just wanted to try something different,” Tselikis says. These are Cousins’ first and only locations inside supermarkets, a combination that intrigues Tselikis for “the opportunity to pick up some lobster for later in the week.” (Their lobster bisque, with its roux-thickened stock, Spanish sherry and light cream, is perfect for next-day work lunches.)

Gotta say, though, the odds of you not consuming your lobster on the spot is low. From experience, I can tell you that it’s impossible to resist their lobster grilled cheese sandwich, lobster tots or those bucket-list lobster rolls for more than a few ravenous moments. This time, Cousins Maine Lobster has got us cornered.

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