5 things to know about Downtown’s new gelato shop

The Art of Flavors serves hand-crafted gelato on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Photo: Sarah Feldberg

1. The brightly lit Art of Flavors on Las Vegas Boulevard at Oakey is a partnership between Felix Arellano, the owner of Viva Las Arepas next door, and Desyree Alberganti, a former pastry chef at Valentino. It’s also one-half of a fantastic new Downtown date night. Think pernil arepa with a side of plantains followed by a single scoop of something creamy.

2. Alberganti’s gelatos are richly flavorful and downright rich. Flavors range from standards like cioccolate, nocciola (hazelnut) and cookies and cream to more unusual offerings like grano turco (sweet corn) and frollino (Italian cookies with chocolate cream). Single scoops run $3.25.

3. Alberganti isn’t shy about samples, so feel free to taste before you commit to a full cup. Half the fun is comparing flavors—like a two-minute gelato tasting session. No matter which you choose, they all have a luxuriously smooth texture light years away from fro-yo. Toppings would just distract from the deliciousness.

4. The plain white fior di latte (milk’s flower) looks like your average vanilla, but this pure flavor is the base of all the shop’s gelatos. The fact that Alberganti actually offers it as an option should tell you something about how good it is.

5. For a truly special treat, try the cioccolate e peperoncino, chocolate gelato infused with pasilla and red chiles. Sweet at the front, spicy in the back, it’s a complex treat that truly lives up to the new store’s name.

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Photo of Sarah Feldberg

Sarah Feldberg

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