For D-Miles there is no other option in life than being a DJ. It's what he loves - it gives him a natural high just from watching people have the time of their lives on the dance floor.

To him, the best thing about DJing in Vegas is that on any given night there’s a good chance to be rocking a crowd filled with people from all over the world, which forces you to have a well rounded music selection.

He's learned the best way to keep the crowd's attention is by playing records that remind people of their childhood or a certain happy moment in their lives.

Real name
Darren Miles
Name orgins
In high school he played basketball and there was another Darren on the team. It was easier for everyone to call him D-Miles, and the name just kind of stuck.
Current status
Spinning at Lavo every Sunday and Friday, Tao every Thursday and Saturday.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
80s, Electro, Hip hop, R&B, Reggae
Favorite place to listen
In the car
Favorite song
"Ambitionz as a Rider," by Tupac
Past gigs
Tao: 2008-present. Hawaiian Tropic Zone: 2008-present. Mist: 2006-2007
DJ Jazzy Jeff
DJ gear
Technic 1200’s, Serato, Apple Macbook Pro, Shure M-447’s
MacBook, Rane, Serato, Technics
Booking contact
Vivian Son