So who am I really?

While my music has been featured on soundtracks, commercials, video games across the globe and I have been involved with both mainstream and independent recording projects; I remain rather anonymous and ambiguous. I remain stoic to not let the ego supersede the creativity and its purpose. Passionate about music and the freedom of creative expression, I see myself as an educator or sage to the masses. Versatile and adaptable to change, it's not impossible to see me playing in some posh lounge on the Vegas Strip, kicking up dust on a renegade sound system in the desert, or in the back room of some warehouse providing the soundtrack for weary ravers.

Real name
Dallas Shewmaker
Name orgins
I've had a few DJ/production monikers in my time. As my preferred music style changes, so does the identity that performs it. That latest incarnation - D^3 (as in 'D' cubed), is an offshoot of my previous name - DJ Digital Defiant. It's also a representation of my real name in which I'm a junior to the third power.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Downtempo, House, Trance
Favorite place to listen
Godskitchen @ Body English & The Foundation Room @ Mandalay Bay
Favorite song
Orbital - Halcyon+On+On
Favorite place to play
Black Rock City - Burning Man
Doc Martin, Miguel Migs, Dennis Ferrer, Francois K, Christopher Lawrence, Markus Schultz, Astral Projection, Orbital, Underworld
DJ gear
M-Audio Torq w/ Midi Controller, Serato Scratchin vinyl mode, Ableton Live 8.0, CDJ's, Vinyl sets upon request
Current: Shiva Studios.
Booking contact
Dallas S.