Da Magician

Jose Diaz's love of music established itself early in life. According to the versatile DJ, known as Da Magician, his mother bought him his first turntable when he was still in a baby walker. Since then, he says he's stayed up-to-date on the latest tracks and following other DJs. "I'm not looking to be the known as the best DJ that ever lived," he said, adding that he just enjoys expressing himself through the music he plays and feeling the energy from the dance floor.

Real name
Jose Diaz
Name orgins
Jose Diaz earned his DJ name - Da Magician - as a teenager, when a group he performed with decided he had “some sick ideas like a magician.”
Current status
Performing Locally, Party In Progress DJ Friday's @ Midnight on KPLV-FM "93.1 The Party"
Las Vegas
80s, Breaks, Dance, Disco, Electro, Hip hop, Latin, Mash-ups, Old school, Pop, Progressive, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton, Techno, Top 40
Favorite place to listen
Rehab @ Hard Rock
Favorite song
Push the Feeling on
Favorite place to play
Funk Master Flex, DJ Xclusive, DJ Scene, Scooter & LaVelle
Sounds like
"A soundtrack of my life."
DJ gear
Rane TTM57SL, Technics 1210mk2, Serato Scratch Live, Korg Midi Pad