DeMarco Cruz

DeMarco Cruz is really into music. For him, it's a part of his everyday life, and he couldn't live without it. He hopes to share his never-ending hunger, passion and love for house music with the world. He says he could talk about music for days, but would rather let his music speak for itself and believes that listening will show audiences how deep his passion flows.

Real name
Cruz Gibson
Name orgins
When looking for a Latin name to use as his stage name, Cruz borrowed a co-worker's maiden name - DeMarco - because it flowed perfect.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electro, House, Progressive, Techno
Favorite place to listen
Body English
Favorite song
Roisin Murphey - Overpowered (Seamus Haji RMX)
Favorite place to play
Anywhere with a crowd
Local DJ Faarsheed, D!G!TAL ROCKSTARZ Simply Shawn and Dert Cheep
DJ gear
Pair of pioneer cdj mk2's and pioneer djm 400 mixer
Booking contact