DJ Albert

Born in Chicago, Ill. and raised in Pasadena, Calif., Albert Segura's passion for music began as a child growing up in a home where from the crack of dawn to late at night his family listened to everything from disco to classic rock to Latin.

Segura first took to the turntables in high school, and after mastering the basics, DJ Albert had his first major gig: a rave in the city of El Monte, Calif. called Insomnia. From there, the 19-year-old DJ started working the club scene, playing Latin-infused music at various California nightclubs. Then in 1999 at the age of 24, Segura packed his bags and moved to Las Vegas. Initially, Segura took a break from the music scene until he met the music director of a Latino radio station, 97.5 FM Super Estrella, who offered the DJ a gig playing at the station's special events. Soon Segura had transitioned back into the nightclub DJ booth, holding residencies at the Beach Nightclub, Club SRO where he spun for three years and then Club Venus inside the Venetian Casino. Over the years Segura has also played his share of celebrity events, including spinning for Oscar De La Hoya, Oscar De Leon, Marc Anthony and J LO, Young Joc, Akon and at the Latin Grammy Awards. Now in 2008, DJ Albert has set up shop at the Palazzo's stylish new nightclub, Sala @ Dos Caminos.

Real name
Gaston Albert Segura
Name orgins
That's my middle name, and everyone started calling me that in high school. I was DJing for high school parties and everyone started calling me DJ Albert.
Current status
Performing locally
Las Vegas
Years spinning
House, Reggae, Top 40
Favorite place to listen
Living Room
Favorite song
"Thriller" by Michael Jackson
Favorite place to play
Past gigs
Voodoo/'01-present, Sala/'08-present, Risque/'01-present, SRO/'00-'03, Venus/'00-'03
Bad Boy Bill, Richard Vision, Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna,
Sounds like
Very hype, really hard
DJ gear
Serato, Technics 1200s or Pioneer CDJ 1000s, Pioneer 800
Booking contact
Albert Segura