DJ Andrew B

The year is 1992, and Andrew B. finally decided to drop the crates full of vinyl he once carried for other DJs. He emerged from the bedroom where he honed his DJ skills, ready to show the world what he could do with two turntables and a mixer. The years of session-ing around with some of the greatest DJs in the world, all the while working at CUE's record shop in Daly City, California, Andrew B. was able to develop the technical skills he possesses to excite crowds today. While countless DJs relentlessly pursue the right formula to rock a party, Andrew B shows every crowd be had that formula all along by spinning the hottest tracks and making the crowd scream with his virtuoso emceeing abilities.
“When people come to Vegas, they are ready to party. The crowds look better, people are in a great mood, and the alcohol is flowing like water! How can that not be a great time?!”-Andrew B.

Real name
Andrew Benna
Name orgins
Real name
Current status
performing, recording
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electronica, Hip hop, Old school
Favorite place to listen
too many to list
Favorite song
"Just Like Heaven" by The Cure
Favorite place to play
eyecandy in Mandalay Bay
Past gigs
Year: 08 - present Club: Cherry, LV Year: 08 - present Club: Eyecandy, LV Year:07 - present Club: Polly Esther’s, LV
DJ Presto One, DJ Chris the Rebel, DJ AM and DJ Jazzy Jim
Sounds like
Makes you say, "DAMN!"
DJ gear
Serato, Technics, Mac Book Pro, Vestax Mixer