DJ Bizzy

DJ Bizzy keeps the clubs busy by giving audiences what they want while keeping things fresh. He was destined to be in the music business because it runs in his family, his dad was a drummer and he remembers always having drum counts in his head as a child. It was this family tie, along with his love of hip-hop that convinced him to dedicate his life to spinning. His personal philosophy on the job is that a DJ is an innovator, a crowd pleaser, a taste maker and a jet setter all rolled into one, so if you're not a natural born leader who possesses strong creative abilities, you won't last long in the industry.

Real name
Mark Smith
Name orgins
Nickname given to him by his friends.
Current status
Appearing at The Gates in NYC, Strong Box in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh Slim’s in Pittsburg.
Las Vegas
Dance, Electro, Hip hop, House, Rock, Top 40
Favorite song
“Body Rock” by Mos Def
Past gigs
Crown in L.A 2008, Winstons in L.A 2007, The Dime in L.A 2007.
DJ Jazzy Jeff (Philly), DJ AM (Philly/Hollywood), DJ Roc Raida (N.Y), DJ Cee-Lo (D.C)
DJ gear
2 Technics 1200 Turntables –1200 –SL-LTD, Rane TTM 57-SL mixer, Serato scratch live, Ortofon OM Digi track needles, Sony headphones, Shure Sm-58 mic, Ableton Live, Pro-Tools, Vinyl, and MP3’s.
Rane, Serato, Turntables