DJ Buzz

DJ Buzz enjoys nothing more than hearing the crowd singing along and getting down to his set. It's a feeling of accomplishment to know that his style of music can move people. He hopes to rock every city he visits with any music genre and one day be considered one of the best DJs internationally.

Real name
Ryan Recio
Name orgins
My friends used to call me "Fly" before "Buzz" 'cause I was a noisy kind of guy, kind of like a bug, but when the day came when I needed a DJ name I changed my name to Buzz and changed that noise to good music.
Current status
Performing locally and nationally
Los Angeles
Years spinning
80s, Funk, Hip hop, House, R&B, Reggae, Rock, Top 40
Favorite place to listen
Highlands, Hollywood
Favorite song
"Just Friends" by Musiq Soulchild
Favorite place to play
LAX, Hollywood & Highlands, Hollywood
Past gigs
ARENA, Hollywood 2008 BASQUE, Hollywood 2007 BELLUNO, Garden Grove 2006 CABANA CLUB, Hollywood 2008 CINESPACE, Hollywood 2008 ELEMENT, Hollywood 2007/2008 FLORENTINE GARDENS, Hollywood 2007 FORBIDDEN CITY 2006 IVAR, Hollywood 2007/2008 RITUAL, Hollywood 2007 SEVILLAS, Long Beach 2008 SUGAR, Hollywood 2007/2008
DJ Slip, DJ Vice
Sounds like
Myself, I create my own energy on the dance floor. I wanna pave my own way in this industry.
DJ gear
Macbook Pro, Serato, Technics 1200, Rane56