A weekend job mobile DJing in 2003 was all it took for Carla Legaspi to realize her passion and itch to transform music into a profession. Through this part-time job she learned the technical set-up and break down of a DJ system, music programming, beat-mixing and, most importantly, how to rock a party on the microphone!

Carla soon bought her own equipment at a local music store and began to practice at home, spinning mostly hip-hop. While spinning at fraternity, sorority and house parties, Carla developed her talents, and soon a close friend dubbed her DJ C-L.A.

In 2004, C-L.A. moved to Las Vegas, where she landed an enviable position as a nightclub VIP host. The move pushed the young DJ to make demos and get her talent recognized. Promoting open turntable events around town proved to be a stepping-stone for C-L.A., giving her further exposure to industry professionals and enabling her to showcase her skills among a handful of local female DJs. She proved to hold her own and her skills continued to grow. Soon C-L.A. was addicted to spinning house tracks. Groovy, funky, vocal and deep house records filled her crates, but C-L.A. knew that in the City of Sin, a versatile DJ has to go beyond one particular genre. She expanded her musical knowledge to include everything from hip-hop to mash-ups to rock to ‘80s to top 40 and house. She dabbled a bit with scratching and cutting, taught by friends, and today C-L.A. is focused on improving her skills in turntablism. In time, she will scratch next to the best of them! Years later, the itch and passion C-L.A. discovered during her first gig still burns inside her. She constantly seeks to learn from other established DJs in the industry who inspire her, and her hard work in self-promotion, through demos and networking is already paying off. C-L.A. has faith that things happen for a reason, and all the struggles and effort will be worth it as she continues to explore her love for music!

Real name
Carla Legaspi
Name orgins
Well one of my best friends gave it to me. It was when that LL Cool J song, Headsprung, was popular. It starts with They call me Big L.A., so my friend said, That should be your party song. And my name is Carla with a C, so my name became C-L.A.
Current status
Performing locally at Tao and Lavo with monthly residencies at Cain Luxe in New York and The Cove in the Bahamas.
Years spinning
Hip hop, R&B
Favorite place to listen
At the clubs. Tao.
Favorite song
"The Light" by Common
Past gigs
Voodoo, Las Vegas/'08, Club Envy, Minneapolis/'07; Element, Hollywood, CA/'07; Magic Convention/'06; Revolution/'07; Club Sevilla, Riverside, CA/'06
Marcus Wyatt, Joey Mazzola, Dirty South, E-Man, Konnex, Kid Capri
Recommended if you like
Cyber Kid, Exodus, Konnex
Sounds like
Like a roller coaster. Build it up, build it up and then slam it down.
DJ gear
Technics turntables, Rane TTM 56 Mixer, Serato Scratch LIVE
Booking contact
Carla Legaspi