DJ Carlos Sanchez

DJ Carlos Sanchez has been a staple in the Las Vegas nightclub scene since moving there in 1999 from New Orleans. Sanchez began his DJ career in New Orleans in 1997 after spending a couple of years frequenting the rave scene and attending Frebass Society parties. His love for the scene and for the music he heard in it prompted him to begin buying records and learning to DJ. In 1998 Sanchez earned his first residency at the infamous Audubon Hotel for the weekly "Faster Pussycat" party and later changed to "Revolver" with Marcel Tempest and Brian Smith, which propelled him into more residencies and a spot on an Internet radio show.

Now based in Las Vegas, Sanchez has been a resident at famed after-hours spot Drai's, Club Sponge, Club 1030, Sevilla, Tabu, Risque, Tangerine and late night Empire Ballroom. He currently holds residencies at West Wing, Downtown Cocktail Room and Soundbar at Ghostbar. Unlike many Las Vegas DJs, Sanchez strives to bring his own brand of deep house to his performances, instead of playing more commercial, jukebox-oriented sets. His musical style references his hometown of New Orleans and features a blend of jazz, funk, Latin and soul-infused house music that he calls "music for grown–ups."

In 2001, Sanchez and his partners, Keith Evan and Brian Minogue, developed House Society, a DJ collective, and Soundbar, a deep house weekly party that incorporates live musicians and vocalists with DJs spinning house music. Soundbar has played host to some of the top house DJs, including Mark Farina, Jaime Thinnes, Marques Wyatt, Garth, Diz, Jeno, Juan Nunez, John Lemon, Johnny Fiasco and Miguel Migs. Over the past couple of years Carlos has also started spending more time in the studio developing his skills and learning how to produce and remix. On his first track, "Home Cookin," Sanchez collaborated with Freddy Montanez. The song was picked up by local label Fremont Records, remixed by Smitty & Davenport and more recently remixed by Body Motion on Casa del Soul. In 2006, Swank Records commissioned Sanchez to mix and record Pink 1, a CD that was released worldwide in 2007 and has received stellar reviews.

Real name
Carlos Sanchez
Name orgins
That's my real name
Current status
Performing locally
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Favorite place to listen
Favorite song
"Morning Head" by Portishead
Favorite place to play
Downtown Cocktail Room
Miguel Migs, JJ, Quentin Harris, Keri Chandler, JT Thompson
Recommended if you like
Miguel Migs and Marcus Wyatt - somewhere in between there.
Sounds like
My sound is deep jazz funk soul confused house music.
DJ gear
Technics 1200s, Serato Scratch LIVE, Pioneer DJM-800 mixer
Piano, Serato, Technics
Casa del Sol Records, Swank Records
Booking contact
Carlos Sanchez