DJ Certified

Well, I’m 28 and I’m a military brat so my family moved a lot. I was born in Greatfalls, Montana then two weeks later my family moved to Warner Robinson, GA right outside of ATL. Then when I was four my family moved here to Las Vegas. Growing up I had the music bug….I loved Music did care what it was but heart was in hip hop I started Djing like any other DJ I was in a rap group and I told the crew I’ll be the DJ since my father had all the records and that beginning of the road of start’em . I work for a lot of label especially Def Jam with one of my mentor Mr. Rory McAlister(Rory Mac) of Record Systems and Interscope Records with Warren Peace of

I partner up with my man DJ Slimm a lot because we’re trying toput music back on the map where it used to belong. To us some people aren’t letting music make it mark like it used to. It’s the same song every hour on the radio and T.V. and it has to do with money, sex, or ballin were just trying to take it back when it was just fun. We are starting mixcd (a.k.a mixtapes) in numbers the way it used to be….I love Jay-z and Kanye West, lil wayne but the feature on everything and the whole cd. Mixcd are supposed to be mixed and as a DJ it is our job to BREAK NEW MUSIC!!!!

I DJ the same way I make my cds and when I see people feeling my music and I see them on the dance floor, when they get hype I put on a better show from party with Twix ENT. And T-Wade Sexy Saturdays at the Ice House Lounge. I’m also in production company of my own Hands On Experience and other labels I work with in Vegas from Pacific Time Zone and Fresh out the Gates and focusing on three R&B artist B Soulful, Miss Diva, and Lyah I want to focus on R&B because it isn’t getting attention like it used to be and you don’t even hear Neo Soul any more like Erykah Badu new cd is Hottest thing out but you don’t hear it much on the air.

But that’s how it is in the life of Certified so all my people I work with in Las Vegas from Hands On Experience, Twix Ent., T-Wade, DH Entertainment, BDK, Self Made fam, Pacific Time Zone, Fresh out the gates, Mickey V.I.P, The Ice house Lounge family, Bune Dox, Puff Lounge, Record Systems,,…..Thank You

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Real name
Rashad Ahmad Mullins
Name orgins
Well in the beginning I was call Teddy Rockspins but then of friend of my had said I phrase to me about me being certified with everything that had to do with music so I started using the name Certified.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Funk, Hip hop, House, Old school, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Top 40
Favorite song
I have a lot of favorites
Funkmaster Flex, Jam Master Jay, Jazzy Jeff, DJ Kid Capri, Mr. Rory McAlister(Rory Mac) and Warren Peace and the movie Juice
Recommended if you like
DJ Slimm (Hands On Experience)
DJ gear
black 1210 technic turntable (of course) and serato
Hands on Experience, Pacific Time Zone and Fresh out the Gates