DJ Clinton Sparks

Boston’s own Clinton Sparks has always set himself apart from the rest of the field of DJs and producers. His drive to succeed, coupled with his creative marketing and sales ideas, have helped him emerge from a cluttered field of DJs as one of the most exciting figures in the music game. These days DJs are a dime a dozen; to stand out regionally is a task in itself. Clinton has blown past the goal of being a regional figure and has positioned himself as a preeminent DJ known throughout the world for his radio presence, mix-tapes and club performances.

Starting in 1998 with a 10-city nationally syndicated mix-show through Super Radio, Clinton has taken that notoriety and ballooned it into his own personality-branded #1 rated syndicated mix show called "SmashTime Radio," which airs in several top US markets and worldwide in Canada, Europe and Australia. Most recently Eminem asked Clinton to be a part of his totally uncensored hip-hop channel Shade 45 on Sirius Satellite Radio. Broadcasting live every week from NYC, Clinton hits the national airwaves "shock-jock" style with the newest exclusives, custom remixes and celebrity guests.

Clinton Sparks has played all over the globe in countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, England, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico and Canada. When he is at work you can feel the energy and passion he has for the music. As he aggressively switches from record to record, the crowd feeds off his intensity. Clinton’s record selection, energy and attitude truly define him as an artist. Hearing and watching him play is a performance in itself!

His shrill catchphrase “Get Familiar!” garners instant reaction when it rings over the airwaves during his top-rated broadcasts, in the clubs and on his mix-tapes. Artists from Kanye West to 50 Cent, Eminem and Pharrell have all proceeded to “get familiar” with Clinton, either hosting his radio shows or making special guest appearances on his globally prominent mix-tapes.

In the spring of 2007 Clinton Sparks joined “The Daily 10” on E! Entertainment as the resident music expert, reviewing new releases, interviewing the world’s top music stars and hosting his signature segment, “Get Familiar,” where he showcases new talent and music that you need to get familiar with.

Clinton’s diversity immensely adds to his allure. Aside from his prowess as a radio DJ/host and TV personality, he has written comedy for Boston’s #1 rated morning show (JAMN 94.5), toured as an opening act with Joey McIntyre (of New Kids on the Block fame) and is recognized as a multi-platinum music producer (producing and writing for Akon, The Notorious B.I.G., Beyonce, Ludacris and Bun B, among others), as well as an artist dropping his own albums featuring some of the hottest pop, hip-hop and R&B stars. Whether it’s over the airwaves of his globally syndicated radio show, on the TVs of over 600 million homes around the world or in the streets with over 1 million mix-tapes in circulation, Clinton has surpassed 99% of the DJ's in his field, and he wont be content until he is at the top of the pile. Get Familiar!

Real name
Clinton Sparks
Name orgins
It's my real name.
Current status
Touring, recording, spinning every Saturday at Vanity.
Years spinning
Hip hop, Pop, Rock
Favorite place to listen
Body English
Favorite place to play
Body English
Past gigs
Body English/'07-'09; Manor, Chicago/'08-present; JAMN 94.5 FM, Boston, MA; HOT 97.7 FM, Boston, MA; SmashTime on Sirius Satellite Radio
Teddy Riley
Sounds like
Definitely very energetic. I try to put on a show. I try to entertain, I'm on the mic; I take over the club. You know when I come on.
DJ gear
Serato, Rane mixer
Convict Records
Booking contact
Daouda Leonard