DJ Dig Dug

Real name
Larry Graham
Name orgins
It just kinda came to me one day. It was no intense thought process. It just came to me and I took. It was really big when I was getting started.
Current status
Performing locally and touring
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Favorite place to listen
Any type of live Jazz venue
Favorite song
"Where is My Mind" by The Pixies
Favorite place to play
In my house so my kids can listen to me
Past gigs
Baby's, Body English, Rehab at Hard Rock/'98-'08, Tabu/'05, Lure /'06-'07, Utopia/'98-'99, Tao/'06-present
James Brown, Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, New Order,
Sounds like
A tree falling in the forest with no one around.
DJ gear
Mac Book Pro, Serato Scratch LIVE, Technics 1200s, Rane Mixer
Cello, Clarinet, Viola
Booking contact
Scott Murphy