DJ Digital Boy

An Italian superstar, Luca Pretolesi, aka "Digital Boy," is credited as being one of the creators of the Electronica genre. With over 125 records produced, 1,000 performances worldwide, 1,000,000 records sold and 19 years of spinning music professionally, experience and recognition go without saying. ..

With endless credentials, Luca has done everything imaginable from conducting his own radio program transmitting across Europe on Radio Italia Network to owning and controlling the hottest nightclub in the heart of Italy's most prestigious club scene, Luca has now come to Vegas to bathe the city in the sound of Digital Boy's European influenced wave.

He is continuously invited to headline and spin aside the world's most famous DJs at the most acclaimed festivals and clubs with no end in site. A true master of his trade with the knowledge and ability to conduct a dance floor like no other, in a few short years Digital Boy has become Las Vegas' most known European DJ.

Real name
Luca Pretolesi
Name orgins
"When I was 17, the reason was because I was probably one of the first to use digital equipment, the first sampler, the first digital equipment. At 17 I was a digital boy."
Current status
Performing, touring
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Favorite place to listen
Underground music clubs in Holland
Favorite song
"Don't Cry" by The Cube Guys
Favorite place to play
Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Past gigs
Revolution/06-present, Moon/07-present, Tao Beach/05-present, Teatro/08-present, Tabu/04-05, Teatro at MGM/04-05, Henkabe, Amsterdam/96-present, Houseqlassic at Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam/96-present
Kraftwerk, Depeche Mode
Recommended if you like
DJ Carl Cox
Sounds like
Very energetic
DJ gear
Serato, Pioneer CDJ 1000, Pioneer 800 mixer, Mac Book Pro
Serato, Turntables
DMI Records