DJ Dik Richie

Twenty-six-year-old DJ Dik Richie, real name Richie Mazzola, started DJing when he was 16 years old. Growing up in Detroit, he experienced the underground rave scene of the ’90s before it moved to the clubs, as he attended parties at warehouses, airplane hangars and old theaters. This firsthand knowledge of DJ culture and a love of funk and old hip-hop keep his style authentic and fresh. DJ Dik Richie continues to please crowds in his current dock of Las Vegas as well as in other cities while touring.

Real name
Richie Mazzola
Name orgins
I got it from a movie, True Romance. The main character, Christian Slater, his best friend is named Dick Ritchie. I always liked the movie.
Current status
Performing locally
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Favorite song
"Hear the Drummer Get Wicked" by Chuck D
Past gigs
Motor, Detroit, MI/'99-'00; Carbon, Detroit/'01-'02; Deisel, Detroit/'03-'04; Risque/'06; Empire Ballroom/'06-'08; Voodoo/'06-present; Playground/'08
Joey Mazzola, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude
Sounds like
I play break beats or put in vocals along with my house.
DJ gear
Pioneer 800 mixer, Two Pioneer CDJ 1000s MK3,
Calamity of Noise (C.O.N.)
Booking contact
David Garcia