DJ Eric Forbes

Eric Forbes started DJing at age 18 in a friend’s garage. At first the young DJ spun hip-hop, because he only had a limited selection of records to practice with, but once Forbes had got the hang of the tables he started buying his own vinyl, branching into house and breakbeats. After working a few small house parties, Forbes met some promoters for the growing early ‘90s rave scene in the San Francisco Bay Area, and had the opportunity to open up huge local parties. When he was 21-years old, Forbes moved to Las Vegas where the music scene was just starting to take shape. He began spinning at underground events, getting his name out. Soon Forbes was traveling out of town for gigs a few times a month. In June of ‘98 Forbes was hired at Studio 54 as a barback where he met some key players in the nightlife industry. After letting his managers hear his mix tape, Forbes was booked to spin at Eden, Las Vegas’ first Industry night. Today Forbes remains great friends with the people who gave him his big Vegas break and credits them with making his career as a DJ what it is today.

Real name
Eric Forbes
Name orgins
The real thing!
Current status
Resident DJ in Las Vegas and performing nationally.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Hip hop, House, Rock
Favorite place to listen
My car
Favorite song
Too many to mention!
Favorite place to play
Forbe$ Friday$ at Tabú inside MGM Grand
Past gigs
In Las Vegas: Tabú, MGM Grand WET REPUBLIC, MGM Grand 1 OAK, The Mirage The Bank, Bellagio LAX, Luxor Bare Pool, The Mirage LIQUID, ARIA GOLD Boutique Nightclub and Lounge, ARIA Cathouse, Luxor Studio 54, MGM Grand Jet, The Mirage Pure, Caesars Palace Tryst, Wynn Cherry Nightclub/Pool, Redrock Hotel Empire Ballroom Rain Nightclub, The Palms Seamless After Hours Additional places around the United States.
My family and the DJs I used to watch and follow when I was just starting.
Recommended if you like
To get wild inside a nightclub!
DJ gear
MacBook Pro, Serato Scratch LIVE, Technics 1200s, CDJ2000's and Pioneer DJM-800 mixer
Booking contact
Eric Forbes