DJ G-Raw

I started in the bay area in 1981. I played in cities from Boston to Vail, Colorado ski resorts before my career took off in 1988. I was a DJ/Promoter in LA from '88 to '92 at top Hollywood clubs like China Club, The Palace, The Roxy, The Whiskey and Spice. I booked groups such as: Tribe Called Quest, Tone Loc, 7A3, Special Ed, Poor Righteous Teachers, to name a few. LA was hot and metal was too! I remixed Beasties, Run DMC and Tribe with metal like Guns, Motley, Poison, Ratt, CCR and Lead Zeppelin. Back then, it was vinyl analog and digital Akai Samplers, DAT or reel to reel. I developed a name in SF and LA by 1992. I moved back to the bay area in 1993 and worked on shows with No Doubt, Green Day, Rancid and Sublime when they were on indie labels like Epitaph and Lookout records before Green Day signed to Reprise for 1.2 million and changed the game forever! I witnessed the embryo of street music grow to a multibillion industry in ten years.

2003-2007: I moved back to LA and worked the biggest clubs once again: White Lotus, Ritual, LAX, Level 3, Avalon and Pearl, where I mixed video live for the dance floor. I use a video mixer and I create live edits on the fly while controlling a smooth audio blend. Most video DJs prerecord their sets. Video is very difficult to mix live but it rocks! The next frontier for clubs is visual stimulus and video is the future!

Real name
Stefan Gilmore
Name orgins
People call me "G" because of my last name. "Raw" is street slang for "original." I don’t play into gangsterism, but the letter "G" has prestige in street terms and in clubs. The letter implies history in an industry like paying your dues; a "G" is a skilled veteran in a position.
Current status
I am currently working with two media companies in Cambridge to launch the next international MTV type business model. I play a current music video live mix at RA Sushi Sunday and Thursday. My video playlist is the prototype for a network broadcast of music video programming.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Hip hop, House, Progressive
Favorite place to listen
Avalon-Boston-LA -NY
Favorite song
“Let It Rock” by Kevin Rudolf Featuring Lil Wayne
Favorite place to play
Ritual , wrap parties, album release parties
Past gigs
Year: 07-present Club: Ra Sushi, LV Year: 04-07 Club: Taboo Lounge, LA Year: 04-07 Club: White Lotus, LA
Keith Jacobson, Tiesto, House Cat, Icey, Bob Sinclair, Olav Basoski, Timbaland, Shadow and mostly VJ-Roonie G
Sounds like
sensual and captivating
DJ gear
Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD Turntables, MacBook Pro, Final Cut Express, Pro Tools, iMovie, Logic, Sound track, Garage Band 09, Avid Express
Keyboards, Synthesizer