DJ G-SQUARED has played drums for 20 years. He started DJing in junior high school by scratching on a plastic Fisher Price turntable. He progressed to a dual boom box cassette tape, then one tape player and one record player and then techniques turntables. Today he prefers to use Serato and a Mac.

His personal philosophy on DJing is: "Get into it! Even if sometimes you have to play records that suck to earn a living, find creative ways to make the songs better and push for new music while always respecting the roots. You are supposed to make people have fun, not just impress yourself."

Real name
Geoff Gold
Name orgins
His initials.
Current status
Spinning locally at Tryst, Jet, Blush, Gold at Aria, Drai's Afterhours
Las Vegas
Electro, Hip hop, House, Top 40
Favorite song
"It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World" by James Brown
Past gigs
Revolution, Las Vegas. 2008-09 Whiskey Park, Boston, Ma. 2005-08 Saint, Boston, Ma. 2005-08
DJ AM, DJ Premier Top 2
DJ gear
Techniques 1200's, Rane Mixer, Serato, Ableton, Pro Tools, Akai MPC 3000
MacBook, Rane, Serato, Technics