Born in Hartford, CT. Both parent are Puerto Rican. Moved from Hartford to New York to Texas then in 2004 made a stop in Las Vegas and I've made here since.

Most of my life I have been influenced by different types of medians, art, video and music. I began plays guitar, some bass and making beat at a young age. Currently I play at different spots in Las Vegas. I'm also known as Fame's official DJ. When Im not on stage or the clubs & etc I host for an indy radio station “24/7 Radio Show.” I'm considered to be a few of the DJ that breaks & spin indy records.

Real name
Orlando Guzman Jr.
Name orgins
Originally my DJ name was DJ G which the “G” stood for Gorilla or a.k.a. GQ (referring to the movie “ Juice” ). It was extend later to DJ GKID1, which means God's Kid “1,” the “1” is for first and only.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
80s, Hip hop, House, Mash-ups, Reggaeton
Favorite place to listen
Insert Coins
Favorite song
"Renee" -Lost Boyz
Favorite place to play
House of Blues
Kanye West, Run DMC, DJ Shadow, DJ Tina T, Fugees, B.I.G., Deftones
DJ gear
Technic, Mac Book Pro, Serato, Akai MPK mini
MacBook, Serato, Technics
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