DJ Handgun

Though Leroy will use Serato if he has to, he still buys and spins vinyl. He adds, “I used to rap when I was younger, and as I got more into reggae music, I stopped rapping and put ‘DJ’ in front of my name.”

Real name
Name orgins
I used to be into hip-hop music a long time ago, back in the early 90s. I used to rap before and handgun was a rap name, and then I got more into djing and put a dj In front of it. Just kind of picked it.
Current status
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Dance, Reggae
Favorite song
“She’s Royal” by Tarrus Riley
Favorite place to play
The Aruba Lounge
Past gigs
Year: 07-present Club: The Aruba, LV Year: 06-present Club: Club Tequila, LV Year: 03-05 Club: Common Ground, San Diego
DJ Stone Love
Recommended if you like
DJ Charlo
Sounds like
Carribbean; alternating fast and slow tempo
DJ gear
Two Technics turntables, vinyl, Serato