DJ Inferno

Since 2003 the DJ known as “Inferno” has become a house hold name in Las Vegas. Born and raised in southern California, DJ Inferno has gained residency after residency with his excellence in programming and extreme versatility. Whether spinning hip-hop, rock, ‘80s or house, Inferno is able to read a crowd and deliver a dance-floor filling show with great success. Since his 2003 debut inside the MGM Grand, DJ Inferno has managed to scoop up residencies at hot spots such as the Rio, Empire Ballroom, Hard Rock Hotel pool and Tangerine. He currently has residencies at Rockhouse Bar, Cathouse Lounge, Studio 54 and the newly crowned after-hours king, Seamless. In November 2005 DJ Inferno turned his DJ skills and notoriety into a business venture and struck a deal with Ra Sushi Bar Restaurant to host an event called “Open Turntable Wednesdays,” a DJ-centric take on an open mic night. As the host, Inferno booked several local DJs to spin each week, showcasing their talents at the hip eatery. Inferno gained acclaim from both the media and his peers for giving some of Vegas’ unknown talents the opportunity to be heard.
DJ Inferno has become one of the most sought after DJs in Las Vegas, not just because of his talent as an entertainer, but also because of his hard work and dedication in promoting himself wherever he spins. By creating flyers, sending emails, posting bulletins online and sending hundreds of text messages to all of his friends for each and every event, DJ Inferno has created a following that any club owner sees as invaluable.

Real name
William Andrew Tollley
Name orgins
I picked it randomly in high school in 1988 when I decided I wanted to be a DJ, but I didn't want to be a club DJ because i didn't really understand what that meant.
Current status
Performing locally
Las Vegas
Years spinning
80s, Electronic / DJ, Hip hop, House
Favorite place to listen
Favorite song
Rapture by Iio
Favorite place to play
Studio 54
Past gigs
Seamless Afterhours/05-present, Cathouse/08-present, Rockhouse Bar/07-present, Studio 54/08-present, Voodoo Lounge/06-07, Vivid/05, Plush/05, Tangerine/07
Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent, Missy Elliot, Richard Vision, Bad Boy Bill, DJ Enrie
Recommended if you like
Sounds like
Fresh but recognizable
DJ gear
Vinyl Serato DJ, Pioneer 800, Technics 1200s,
Serato, Technics
Booking contact