DJ Joey Mazzola

For Joey Mazzola music has always been a way of life. At the early age of 14, Joey found his true passion mixing it up on the ones and twos. Growing up in the Detroit metro area, Joey was influenced by many talented artists, giving him a unique style that everybody can groove to. By the time he was 16, Joey was playing regularly at local Detroit hip-hop clubs and parties. Very influenced by electronic music pioneer Jeff Mills, Joey slowly conformed to dance music, and combined his scratching skills with a very modern techno sound.

When Joey was 21 he moved to San Francisco, Calif., where he found his love for house music. Now, 12 years later, Joey has made his home in Las Vegas and has achieved many of his musical dreams, bringing his sound to audiences worldwide from Seattle, Wash. to Miami Fla. to Honolulu, Hawaii to Russia. Joey is currently a resident at Pure. Prior to that he was a resident DJ at the world famous Empire Ballroom in Las Vegas, Voodoo Lounge, Godskitchen at Body English and Cathouse. Joey has released many dance floor fillers over the years and has teamed up with some of the hottest dance artists in the biz. With a music style like no other, Joey mixes funky house beats of many styles with flawless scratching and a twist of his hip-hop roots to adapt to any crowd. This talented DJ and producer will stop at nothing to make your body rock.

Real name
Joey Mazzola
Name orgins
Joey Mazzola is my name.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electronic / DJ, House
Favorite place to listen
Favorite song
"Big Love" by Richard F.
Favorite place to play
Empire Ballroom
Past gigs
Empire Ballroom/'06-'08, Voodoo/'05-'09, Cathouse/'08-'09, Jet/'06-'08, Club Ice/'06-'07, Drai's/'05-'06, Risque/'05-'07, Gods Kitchen at Body English/'07-'09.
Old school hip-hop, funk music, Jam Master J from Run DMC, Jazzy Jeff, Derek May
Recommended if you like
DJ Dan, Donald Glaude
Sounds like
Uplifting and funky
DJ gear
Pioneer CDJ 1000s, Pioneer DJM 800 mixer
Live at the Voodoo Lounge New Year's Eve (Instereo Recordings, 2008); Chaaktreatment ft. Mike Bowens (single); Two Aparts (Instereo Recordings, 2008)
Instereo Recordings, Solmatic Records, Audacious, BloMedia