DJ Klassick

DJ Klassick originally from Belize City, Belize in Central America started out at the young age of 14 spinning at weekend house parties. This is where he was able to perfect his skill of music selection, mixing and grabbing the attention of everyone in the room. He has since become an all around entertainer working throughout the Las Vegas Valley.

DJ Klassick has a strong passion for all genres of music and believes he has developed his style from his own experiences of working with different people and DJing on radio shows such as The Spin and Klassick KliQ LIVE.

Real name
Barry Yorke
Name orgins
DJ Klassick has always loved and appreciated classical music, he himself plays the violin. Besides other genres, he felt that classical music was a part of him and he wanted to make it a part of his name as well. He gave the name “classic” a more urban spelling and branded himself with it.
Current status
Touring with Swagga Boyz Entertainment and in the process of opening his own nightclub, KRUNK, slated for opening in 2010. He will be the resident DJ.
Las Vegas
Years spinning
Electro-Hop, Hip hop, House, Pop, R&B, Reggae, Reggaeton
Favorite place to listen
Cherry Nightclub
Favorite song
“Drop It Low” by Ester Dean ft. Chris Brown
Favorite place to play
Club Kiss & Bounty Hunter Lounge
DJ Drama, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Quick, DJ AM, Funk Flex, DJ Clue, DJ Khaled.
DJ gear
Serato, Technics, CDJ’s, Macbook Pro
CDJs, MacBook, Serato, Technics
"Beast," May 2010 on Klassick KliQ Records.
Klassick KliQ Entertainment
Booking contact
Noelle Yorke