DJ KrisCut

In July of 2002, Christine Blanco began her DJing career with a simple question. A former singer, she was disheartened that she wasn't singing anymore and wanted to find something else to feed her desire to be a great musician. Blanco decided to approach a good friend who was a DJ and asked him if he could teach her how to DJ. His initial reaction was, "Don't waste my time." She left the subject alone for a bit after that, but a month later Blanco asked again. This time he consented, and she got her first touch of the turntables.

Blanco’s first lesson was how to scratch. Three or four hours later, she had picked up a couple of basic scratches that sometimes took months for others to learn. Surprised by how quickly she was progressing, he put her under his tutelage, teaching her how to scratch and beat juggle and later how to mix.

In January 2003, Blanco, now known as "DJ KrisCut," landed her first official "gig" on the turntables. Catching the attention of many promoters, she has performed in different venues from Boston to Hollywood, up and down the West Coast and in Canada. KrisCut has opened up for Funk Master Flex, Kid Capri and DJ AM and rocked celebrity after-parties, like Christina Millian's after-party at Risque for Memorial Day Weekend. Currently, she is a resident at three Las Vegas nightclubs and continues to travel across the country, sharing her love for music with her audiences.

DJ KrisCut's passion for music put her where she is today. Realizing that God has blessed her with ambition and talent, she aims to be one of the most prominent female hip-hop DJs to hit the scene, especially in Las Vegas. She looks forward to the challenges of everyday life in the music industry and dreams of becoming a successful and renowned DJ.

Real name
Christine Ailene Blanco
Name orgins
It came from being a turntablist. I didn't want my name to indicate whether I was a guy or a girl, so that's why I picked that name. Cutting is like cutting a record, scratching a record. People say, Can you cut that up?
Current status
Performing locally
Las Vegas
Hip hop, Rock
Favorite song
That Thing by Lauryn Hill
Favorite place to play
Past gigs
Risque/04-present; Voodoo Lounge/05-06; Club Rio/05-06
DJ Slip, Jazzy Jeff, Shortee
Recommended if you like
C-L.A., DJ Slip
Sounds like
More West Coast mix
DJ gear
Technics 1200s, Serato Scratch LIVE, Vestax mixer
Booking contact
Jerome Cabatuando